Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud security

Observable Networks was one of the first to recognize the need for stronger AWS security solutions. By using AWS Virtual Private Cloud flow log data, we can help customers analyze network activity across virtual servers in their AWS environments.

Stealthwatch Public Cloud Monitoring also uses additional AWS services such as AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon Inspector to serve as inputs for our endpoint modeling service. This means organizations can quickly detect behavior changes that could represent a potential threat in AWS assets and network environments. Watch our video to learn more.

Deploying Observable's Dynamic Endpoint Modeling in an AWS VPC using Flow Logs

Public Cloud Monitoring receives the following data and input:

  • Network data from VPC flow logs and other sources
  • Resource details about EC2, RDS, Redshift, Lambda, ElastiCache, Workspaces, and more using the AWS API
  • API usage data from Amazon CloudTrail
  • Vulnerability reports from Amazon Inspector

Observable Networks is proud to be an
Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Public Cloud Monitoring helps improve the security and related compliance efforts for those applications deployed on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud.


"This is the best solution I have found for network intrusion detection in the cloud. It doesn't require an agent to run on your AWS instances, and it sees the traffic that doesn't make it past the security group rules. Their alerts are worth looking into which saves time over other intrusion detection solutions.  Stealthwatch Cloud is an important part of our compliance control regime."  
Blake Blackshear, CTO - Concert Genetics

“Stealthwatch Cloud (formerly Observable Networks) continues to serve an important security role with respect to Seton Hall’s AWS architecture.” ~ Matt Stevenson, Associate Executive Director, Seton Hall University – IT Services